SEO – When They Say Come In Me, I Leave

Due to the nature of my business, I receive a vast amount of inquiries each week from SEO companies who have found me with a ” faulty ” system that is driving traffic to their websites and costing them serious money.

Like all businesses, every single one of my customers has gone elsewhere in the search for a better available means of reaching them, so in addition to my usual direct customers, those who found me via the search engines, I now receive a lot of random people emailing me that they found me on, which generally would only ever happen to a handful of people each succeeding in reaching me.

Having had some initial success at getting onto Google’s first page, selling “bookings” for hotel accommodation, I set about formulating what would be the best means of reaching customers through search engines. That led me back to the internet again, and this time, to the means of utilizing the internet to my advantage.

With a little bit of research on the available tools at my disposal, I will be tempted to dismiss the available tools and methods and go for them all, hoping they will make up for the lack of experience I may have. This barring, however, the fact that there are hundreds of available tools and methods, some of which I would never even have heard of before, and yet they all possess their virtues and abilities.

On the other hand, I’m a gran kit guy, so the following list of items on the market should make up about 80% of the actual search engine optimization I will be doing over the next few months and years. If you find anything to overhaul, then, by all means, pass it on to me.

1.Social Bookmarking- One of the most remarkable ways to get to the top of Google is through bookmarking. One of the easiest ways to bookmark your site to the top spot is through the top social bookmarking sites on the net, many of which are driven by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. Join them all together, and you have got yourself some traffic and backlinks to boot!

2.Article Marketing is the cheapest and most effective means of getting to the top of Google. By submitting articles to these sites and having links in the resource box that will direct traffic to your site, you will be pulling in the visitors to your homepage and establishing your location within the field of relevance.

3. On-page SEO is also another very cost-effective means of getting to the top of Google. On-page SEO usually entails having your keyword in your domain name, title, and description, but there are so many other things you can do to take it to the top of the rankings. Things such as internal links, keyword insertion in the title and first line of your content, headers, site maps, and adequately using H1 and H2 tags will help your site rank better.

4.RSS Submissions. Another tip that you can use to get to the top of the SERPs in a relatively short period is to use RSS feeds to submit your site to the top search engines. Through feeds, they allow you to link to your homepage or blog page and gives you backlinks to your pages in the niche that you are targeting.

5.Social Networking. We all know that Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Digg can have a HUGE impact on bringing potential customers to your site. So if you fancy some business but can’t wait for them to come to you, why not make your site a priority by going onto social networking sites. Any company shouldn’t overlook it- it’s cost-effective and will make your website go worldwide!

6.Words of mouth. Everyone knows that you receive more visitors and high rankings when doing a website, but does that make it fall on deaf ears? Not at all! Be strategic when sharing news of your company’s launch, as Serious Business chasers are always on the lookout for the most excellent interview material. Ask key personnel, friends, and colleagues to leave a comment, on your website, with a link to your site.

7.Getting higher search engine rankings isn’t as hard as you might think. With a few determined and committed efforts, the sky is the limit!


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