SEO: Fresh Content Keeps Google Happy

Google is the search engine that can never be happy with giving you what you want. If you’ve been at their top of the search engine listing, you’ve seen countless articles detailing what you need to do to keep them happy. While there are numerous articles online promising you a number one spot, many of them are outdated or don’t make sense.

Google makes their living (or should) provide the most relevant results for people searching for whatever they want to know. When someone types in “hairst 357”, Google wants to know whether or not you have original content that says “hussy” AND relates to women in your ad. If you have, they will find you and even be happy for you to show up for their searches.

While Google will continue to refine its ranking algorithms, there is an unreachable goal of bringing relevant search results to the user. If they don’t return relevant results, people will stop using them, and they will no longer be a popular search engine. For this reason, you need to have as many highly relevant incoming links to your site as possible. For example, if someone linked to your site from an article they wrote about Pinterest, you would want to be listed in any search for related content about Pinterest.

SEO and RelevancyTop reasons to make the most out of your website space are:

So, when you decide to make your website more search engine friendly, don’t ignore the importance of researching your website keywords. If you included the most popular search phrases in your keywords meta tag, you would find the traffic and search engine rankings you enjoy more. Keywords will help you create more exciting content and feature more products in your listings.

Google’s logic is to bring the user the most relevant content for their query. When Google looks for NaNo generated content, and your site contains it, Google considers your site more relevant. You know how sometimes, it seems as if you’re looking for something and you driving it isn’t what you want? In many instances, that is what is happening.

Why proper SEO for your site is:

Keywords relevant to your content

Keywords are the starting point for SEO. But before you can begin to use SEO for your site efficiently, you need to identify the key phrases you want to find. Once you identify the keywords, use these on your page (or as the title) to help Google’s algorithms determine your site.

However, it would be best if you made sure that these keywords are used so that the content itself will not show the plugins.(If that’s what you’re going for – it’s often referred to as ‘Black Hat SEO’ and should be avoided unless it’s done to rank your site correctly ).

Basics of SEO when using a WordPress site.

When using WordPress on any basis, there are three key areas you should focus on with any given blog or website:

Categories: Start your first sentence or two with the key phrase you are using, and then use others as the paragraphs tell a story. Think of them as headlines for your posts.

Keywords in the headlines: Whether you are using a keyword in the headline or not, try getting it in there, but again, make sure it reads well.

Tags: Whether you have a title or not for these two, having them defined correctly in WordPress is worthwhile.

Content: Make sure any copy on your site is well written and written using the keywords you are looking to target. It is also important to remember that while the document is essential, inbound links to your site are still the most critical SEO factor.

Having a WordPress blog

If you are using WordPress on your domain, then you have no problems with WordPress SEO. Just remember to stick to the guidelines if you are going to use WordPress for your website or blog, and one of the best beta versions that you can test out is theOne WPbacklinkstogether with all the other great plugins to help your site.


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