Link Building and Off-site Optimization

The most significant factor when it comes to getting traffic from the search engines is your offsite optimization. Offsite optimization is the number one factor for your rankings, especially in Google. If you want to rank for a good keyword, you need to build links and get backlinks to your site.

Here is the big secret with offsite optimization: You need to do it right! If you try and outrun Google, you will lose the ranking you worked so hard to get. How do you build links fast? Read on!

Link Building – How to Start

Link building is the process of getting other sites to link to your site. The more relevant the site is that links to you, the more value they give to your site. Link building means that a link from a hot dog website to your hot dog site will do you more good than a link from a beer. It is all about relevancy and the more relevant links you can get.

You can use link farms to get links. It is where you buy links and sell them on the cheap to other sites. Links only work for the short term, and you end up getting penalized by Google. The other thing you can do is offer free content to other sites. When you give them free content, they have to link back to you. Google is a great way to get free links, and it is a win-win situation.

You can also submit your site to directories, and these are like little hotels branching out from your central hub. Submit your site to hundreds of guides, and you will increase your site’s popularity.

When submitting to directories, it is crucial to be submission-based. If you abandon your site to a guide based strictly on name reputation, you will get penalized for rule-breaking. First, you want to make sure your site is indexed. The best way to do this is to get through it once and let it know that you are permanent and deserving to be listed.

The best way to get spiders to notice you is to get link exchanges with other sites. Link exchanges involve you mutually exchanging links with another relevant area. Link exchanges are not very effective anymore since Google’s algorithm is getting smarter every day, but it is still a great way to get some attention.

Remember that all of this takes time. If you want to get rankings in a week, you have to method 1. Then method 2. Then method 3. etc. It takes time, but if you want genuinely long-lasting rankings, it is well worth the effort.

Method 1

Get indexed on Google. Indexed on Google is easy! Google loves it when it sees new content. Besides, we all know that the first and foremost thing is relevancy when it comes to search engines. So make sure that your site has relevant and informative content.

If you want to find if sites have relevance, try this method. Go to a search and type the following phrase: In the “find results” part of the search, search in quotes lot of sites come up with the words “” That means that when Google finds sites with the exact phrase “,” it sees those sites as relevant to yours! If you are new to this, well.

Method 2

Get indexed at – again; this is easy. Just post a link to your site at When Google finds your site at DMOZ, it will see that it is relevant to your location and then indexed.

Also, if you are posting your link at a site that is already indexed and Google knows that your site is accurate, you will gain some boosting in the rankings.

Method 3

Get yourself a link from a site that is indexed and a high PR. Do this by either posting to a forum with a lot of members and posts or.

Method 4

Make sure all of your site links contain the keyword you are targeting. A keyword is essential by adding the keyword where search engines look to see if it is a good match for the website’s theme. Then when you post in your site’s discussion boards or anything with a bullet, make sure you have the keyword in the text link or title of the association.


This SEO trick works great if you are having trouble ranking for your own site’s keywords. I did not get to the number 1 spot on either of my sites in less than ten days. But by doing this. I increased traffic to my sites by double!

There is much more to learn. Do not stop learning. When you have mastered the basics, go for some more advanced tools. Do everything you can with the basic information. Go for some more advanced techniques. Once you have mastered the basics, going to the more advanced tools.

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