Just building a good-looking landing page is not going to make you money online. In fact, you need to be collecting leads (your Ultimate Target is already warm before you send them to that page for the first time) to make the Ultimate Money Online.

And to continue putting that new product out there to be sold, you need to be putting people who like what you are selling on your list!

Various products

Putting on a list doesn’t mean you have to be selling them a bunch of various products; it is just that it gives you another outlet for driving traffic. It does not have to be a bunch of products; it can be just one product; it can be a 2-hour video or an ebook, or you could even just tell people to sign up for an email course(something that I like to do).

But people need to like you before they are going to buy from you. You don’t need to have all the fantastic products listed out. You don’t have to list your product out and tell them how it will change their life. Tell them the benefits, how it will help them and how it will help them fill specific needs.

EBook business

To build a list, you need to be specifically targeting your list. If you are in the eBook business, they probably aren’t buying ebooks you are being listed under. You need to be driving them to a landing page and ask them if they are interested in learning more about the subject matter you just shared with them. Or if they are looking for you to sell them on something specific.

You can think of the different types of people who buy online. Many people just need to find something speedy. So if you are the type who takes a lot of time reading, you may want to start a blog and give your readers more information and some tidbits about the subject they are interested in. But other people are constantly in search of information on a specific topic. So some people won’t mind buying something that shows them how to do something. But other people would instead buy something that tells them specifically how something will help them. Or something specific that will give them information on a specific subject rather than just general advice on whatever.

Earn money with online auctions

This is an example of what you want to do. You talk about how the local coupons directory will help new moms save money, how they will earn money with online auctions, or how they can learn how to stop their dog from chewing on the furniture. It doesn’t matter what people are interested in at all. Just write about something that they already can find out about and will want to know about.

The critical step is that you have something that will help them achieve what they want. If you are selling one, you need to show them how you can help them get there. You are in their most significant need. They are trying to evaluate which item will help them get to that number one position.


So, why would you sell a $47 ebook versus a $47 ebook? The answer is simple. There is a lot of money to be made in that $47 ebook, but not if you will make much money at all.

Make sure that your leads have a real reason to either buy something from you or whatever product you are selling. Otherwise, ordinary people will give up as quickly as you are going to make money from them.

Once you have someone on your list of leads, then you have to help them get to know you. Then your job becomes to write to them, write to them sometimes for days to realize that you are sending them information about your product, not just sales emails. That’s what makes them click on the back tab in their email program and jump to your site when they are exposed to it.

Savvy marketers know that by building a list, you increase the chances of making the ultimate money from those people on that list.


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